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CDL Plumbing & Gas in Newcastle are Experienced Plumbers

CDL Plumbing & Gas are a proud family-owned business with over 15 years of expert experience in the Newcastle area. We have 2 teams and fully equipped trucks ready to handle all plumbing jobs, large or small and are fully licensed, qualified and insured.

During this time, we have been building a great reputation for exceptional customer service and high standards of work, whilst maintaining affordability.

Service is hugely important to us, and we have learned what our customers require from us – punctuality, reliability, affordability and a friendly manner. We always answer all questions in an understandable way as communication is paramount and provide free quotes with no obligation. On top of that, we make sure that we leave all jobs clean and tidy as our reputation depends on it.

CDL regularly take on a wide variety of jobs as our service list is very extensive. If you require any general plumbing, gas fitting or drainage work for your home or business, call us to get the job done right, first time, on time and within budget.


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Why Choose CDL Plumbing & Gas?

There are a good many reasons why people choose us. We are full-service plumbers with a no job too big or too small mentality. We also cover industrial, commercial and residential plumbing, gas and drainage. But most of all it’s the quality of our work and our affordability.

  • 15 Years Experience
  • High-Quality Workmanship
  • Reliable and Punctual
  • Local Expertise of Newcastle
  • Fully Insured ($20M Public Liability)
  • Fully Qualified Level 4 Plumbers
  • Customer Friendly
  • Free No Obligation Quotes
  • Emergency Service
  • Fantastic Reputation

Most of our work comes from referrals which can only happen if you are good at what you do. Our reputation is important to us an speaks for itself, so for any plumbing, gas or drainage, call our highly skilled and experienced Newcastle based plumbers.

Plumbing services we provide

Blocked drains

We fix blocked drains, toilets, backing up, overflowing pipes, overflowing yard sinks and gurgling noises from plumbing fixtures.

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Hot Water

We work with Solar, Electric & Gas heated systems - we make system repairs, installations, replacements and offer expert general servicing.

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Plumbing maintenance will ensure your plumbing continues to operate smoothly. We've got your water pressure and dripping taps sorted.

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New home & Renovations

Pre slab drainage, external drainage, stormwater drainage, water rough-in, gas rough-in, down piping, fit off, and final sign off on renos.

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Drainage & Excavation

We can safely inspect, diagnose and service all drainage, excavation, stormwater, sewer and downpipe flooding problems.

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CDL Plumbing & Gas Services

Here at CDL, we have the skills to take on any plumbing or gas job.  Below is our list of our general services. Whatever your plumbing needs whether they are residential, commercial or industrial, please feel free to call now and speaking with one of our friendly staff.

  • Blocked Drains
  • Hot Water Installations
  • Gas Fitting
  • Gas Hot Water Installs
  • Gas Hot Water Servicing & Repairs
  • Gas Plumbing
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Shower Repairs
  • Toilet Repairs
  • Domestic Plumbing Services

These are just some of the common types of plumbing and gas jobs we perform in the Newcastle area. We can fix, service and replace gas systems and supply all the leading brands currently available Australia.

We are fully competent with all electric hot water systems, whether you require repairs, a service or new hot water installation. CDL will advise on each job individually to ensure we achieve the best and most cost-effective solution for your requirements. CDL are your local experts for all plumbing, gas and drainage work.

Areas that we service


Central Coast, Lake Macquarie & Port Stephens

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Specialist Plumbing Services

There are many plumbing-related jobs that a lot of domestic plumbers simply can’t do.  This can be marked down to lack of qualifications, experience or in some cases, lacking the right equipment.  With CDL Plumbing, you can rest assured that we are full-service plumbers and capable of doing the jobs that others can’t.

We have the tools, the qualifications and experience to take on the most difficult and demanding jobs like:

Backflow Prevention

Your potable (drinkable) water supply only flows in one direction, from the supply through your fixtures and fittings like taps, showers and toilets, and then into the sewerage system.

This flow is maintained by adequate water pressure, however if your supply drops below the pressure in your property then backflow can occur.

This means that the flow can change direction and cause hazardous waste and other toxins to enter your water supply. This is normally caused by a burst water main, sudden high demand or sometimes just through bad quality plumbing in your property.

CDL can install air gaps, valves and use other plumbing techniques to prevent this from happening again.

Sewerage, Drainage & Excavation

If you have a blocked sewer, it can cause flooding and be a health hazard. Normal drains can have leaks also causing flooding, damp, mould and damage to walls and floors from outside or inside your property. CDL has the tools to inspect pipes, drains and sewers, detect the leak or blockage and clear it and then repair it, quickly and effectively.

If new drainage is required for an addition to your property or a new build, we can plan, design, excavate and install a new drainage system and provide earthworks removal too.

Stormwater Drain Clearing

In the event of a sudden and heavy storm (as the NSW coast is prone to) then you may get a flash flood if your stormwater drains are blocked. Blockages happen over time due to lack of maintenance or pipe damage by trees or excavation work, for example, causing the rainwater to be diverted where it’s not wanted. CDL can find, fix and clear all stormwater drainage issues in the Newcastle area helping prevent flood damage to property or land.

Are you fully licensed?

Yes absolutely, CDL Plumbing and Gas are Level 2 certified plumbers and gas engineers. We are fully licensed to cover all Drainage, Water and Gas installations. Anything from a leaky tap to Hot Water systems to Home Renovations and New Builds

Are you fully insured?

Yes completely, CDL Plumbing and Gas are fully insured for $20M public liability in case of any accidents or unforeseen events. So far we have never been required to use it!

Are you residential domestic or business and commercial plumbers?

Both. Our vast experience in the industry (15+ years) has made us experts in all forms of plumbing, whether it be in your home or at a factory. We have also done commercial drainage work for the city and govt so there’s literally nothing we can’t handle.

Can you do home renovation plumbing jobs?

Yes. We have fully renovated many kitchens and bathrooms in our time. Whether it's a remodel or an extension, we have completed all types of plumbing renovation work

What are your operating hours?

We are available on the phone and can work from 6.30 AM to 6.00 PM Mon - Sat. We will work out of hours by arrangement when a job requires it to not prolong completion times

Do you do small plumbing jobs?

Yes, even though we are one of the larger plumbing companies in the Newcastle area, we still operate our no job too big or too small policy since we started business. Every job is important to the person who needs it

How much do plumbing services cost?

Obviously, this depends on what’s required, whilst we do have a minimum call-out fee, we’ll be sure to let you know before we arrive.

Do you give free quotes?

Yes. We have a very accurate quoting process and can give most quotes over the phone to give you a fairly accurate idea of cost. We give full written quotes upon request and we operate a no-hassle process afterwards with no pressure. Our experience means our quoting is usually accurate but obviously, sometimes we can find issues that will change the price but we will always discuss this fully with you.

Affordable v Cheap – what's the difference?

There's a big difference between the two. Our services are affordable for the level of quality, skill, professionalism and standard to which we work and are qualified. Cheap plumbers will cut corners, take on jobs they haven’t done or are qualified to do, use poor quality parts and generally will not perform a job that will last. Plumbing is not something you want to make that kind of saving on especially with gas, it can be very dangerous as well as expensive in the long run

Why should I call CDL Plumbing and Gas?

Simple, we have an excellent reputation, are fully qualified and licensed and we love what we do. We don’t claim to be the cheapest, but we are reliable, friendly and one of the best plumbing companies in Newcastle and NSW. 

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