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Blocked Drains Plumbers in Lake Macquarie

Most sewer and drain blockages are caused locally within your property or as part of its external pipes. If you have bad smells, overflow, slow water drainage from sinks, showers and baths etc then you have a blocked pipe or drain somewhere.

Anything to do with sewage is an almost immediate health hazard so it's best to call drain experts like CDL immediately. We can diagnose the problem, find the blockage or damaged pipe, clear it or repair it effectively and quickly.

We have over 15 years experienced and are Level 4 plumbers meaning we can take on many difficult jobs that other plumbers cannot. We have a great team of licensed and insured plumbers with equipment ready to handle the largest of drainage problems you may have for home or business anywhere in the Newcastle or Lake Macquarie areas.

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Blocked drains

Drain Unblocking For Homes & Business

A lot of drains can be unblocked manually or with jet water basting. This is not only quick but it's usually a lot cheaper. Jet water blasting from our pressurised supply can be all that’s needed to remove a build-up of waste.

Blockages can be just bad luck or there can be a cause like improper use or floodwater swamping the drain with mud etc. Jet water basting will usually mean that a pipe or drain is only blocked and not damaged. Damaged drains will need pipe relining or replacement which will mean digging into the ground to access them which is a much bigger task.

Jet Water Blasting (Hydro-Jetting) to Unblock Drains

High-pressure jet water blasting for drains is an effective and affordable solution to many blocked drain problems. Not all plumbers have this equipment and can unblock your drains as quickly as CDL Plumbing and Gas. As drainage experts, our teams are equipped with all the technology and experience to flush out blockages in your drains and sewers.

First, we will diagnose where the blockage is by using CCTC cameras and thermal imaging. If the pipe isn’t damaged or collapsed completely then we will often use high-pressure jet water blasting (hydro jetting) to flush out the pipes. We’ll then repair the pipes if necessary but most domestic blockages are the result of build-ups rather than completely damaged pipes.

Drain Cleaning Hydro Jett

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Blocked drains

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Blocked Drains Jetting

CCTV Drain Inspections

Often in commercial or industrial premises where there are large networks of pipes and drains, we will need to locate the issue with remote cameras. By using these devices we can visually see where the problem is and how to remedy it.

Sewer Unblocking and Cleaning

Sewers are obviously hazardous places, and sometimes the problem may be off of your premises in which case we will inform you of the best solution.

Whether your sewage problems are commercial or residential, CDL has all the tools needed to unblock, clean, repair and test leaving you with fully functional premises again. Sewage problems should always be treated as an emergency, so call the experts at CDL.

How We Unblock Drains

First and foremost we make a full inspection. We will talk to you regarding the symptoms and signs and then make a full inspection, sometimes with a CCTV drain camera so we can correctly identify where the problem lies. Once we have done that then we can start to determine the best way of removing the blockage or repairing the damage, but after that, there are four main ways we can unblock your drains:


Either by using a plunger, drain rods or even using our bare hands. Yes, that’s right, these methods are often still the best way to remove a blockage, especially inside or even outside the home where the blockage is often near the access point.


We have a device called an “electric eel” or “drain snake” which is a flexible metal pipe that can be inserted into pipes, drains and septic tanks to clear blockages. It's attached to a motor and ideal for non-solid blockages like excess bathroom waste etc.


“Jet Water Blasting” or “Hydro Jetting” uses a high-pressure burst of water to clear and unblock drains. Similarly to a drain snake, it can be pushed far into pipes to start the water blasting near the source of the blockage. This is by far the best way to clear the most problematic drain problems.


Lastly, sometimes we will use chemicals to biologically break down the blockage. Used well this is a perfectly safe and effective solution, especially to grease or fat-based sewer blockages where pressure or water just won’t work. Sometimes we will use this to inhibit root growth from pipes that have tree roots in them but aren’t blocking them completely.

Tips To Unblock Your Own Drains

People often search for or ask us how to unblock a drain. Obviously, there are many ways but knowing the right way is often the key to success and there is not always a way of knowing what that is. But for small simple household blockages then the following tips can be tried before calling CDL to unblock them.

  • Boiling Water - For sinks or drains that have had fat or grease poured or disposed of down them then boiling water can work very effectively. It’s simple and eco-friendly but best avoided on PVC pipes so ceramic or metal pipes are fine.
  • Vinegar & Baking Soda - Start with hot water first, then pour half a cup of baking soda into the sink or drain. Leave for a few minutes then pour half a cup of vinegar (any kind). It will fizz up and can break down more stubborn fat and grime blockages. Leave for a few minutes then follow up with more boiling water. Simple and again, eco-friendly
  • Plunger - This is still a very effective method especially if combined with drain rods. However, it can be very messy, so for toilets it might not be an attractive DIY solution. The bigger the plunger the more power it will have but you need to be careful not to overdo it as you can cause damage to pipes. The plunger will normally bring back the blockage instead of pushing it through so be prepared
  • Drain Snake (Electric Eel) - You can invest in a drain snake or rent one if you want to. As long as you know where the blockage is then it should be very effective and the cost may be worth it for small businesses or large houses that have had blocked drains issues
  • Chemical Cleaners - These can be purchased almost anywhere and vary in quality and effectiveness greatly. They can be quite toxic so read the instructions carefully. They really work best on fat, grease and hair blockages if they are close to the entry point like sinks and shower drains etc

What Blocks My Drain?

As mentioned in our FAQs below, the reasons your drains can get blocked are usually bad luck or poor plumbing design. The main other reason is tree or plant roots growing in the drain and blocking it. If you want to know what things can build up and make up the blockage so you can avoid flushing or disposing of these items then here are the most common things that combined will be what is blocking your drain:

  • Grease, Cooking Oils & Fat
  • Tissues & Paper Towels
  • Sanitary Items
  • Hair & Fibres
  • Food Waste
  • Foreign Objects (like toys dropped accidentally into toilets etc)
  • Storm Water (as it carries sand, earth and grit)
  • Wet Wipes
  • Tree & Plant Roots

A combination of the above is usually what will be blocking your pipe or drain and is the main reason why most domestic products or techniques to unblock your drain don’t always work but experienced plumbers like CDL can unblock most household drains and pipes very quickly and effectively.

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How do I know if my drains are blocked?

There are many common signs and usually, the problem will get slowly worse but sometimes it can be quite sudden. Look out for the following sign of drainage problems:

Slowly draining water from sinks, showers and baths
Toilet backing up and nearly overflowing when flushed, slow to drain or not draining at all
Gurgling noises from your drains
Bad smells coming from manhole covers or near drains
Flooding that smells in low-lying areas, commonly gardens

Is a blocked drain dangerous?

It can be if it's sewage and if it's severe. Sewage is obviously a health hazard and depending on the location it can be very dangerous as it can cause infections and diseases. For businesses, it can get you closed down let alone lose all your customers.

Can I unblock drains myself?

Sometimes, if the blockage is in a small kitchen drain for example it may only need some drain unclogging product or drain rods to clear the problem and then flushed with water for a time. As you can imagine, this isn’t a pleasant job and it might not necessarily fix it, meanwhile, your problem may have gotten worse so it’s usually best to call expert plumbers like CDL.

What causes blocked drains?

Usually, it’s just bad luck, but it can be the wrong items being flushed down the toilet like excessive paper. Sometimes it’s caused by sand and dirt getting into your drain, especially after heavy rain or storms and also local excavation work can cram or damage pipes.

Do you have a fixed price for drain unblocking with jet water blasting?

No, some companies do but any fixed price can be potentially bad for the customer if the job can be done in a few minutes. We always charge fairly for the jobs we do so just give us a call to find out

Is unblocking drains expensive?

Not necessarily, as we don’t have a fixed fee we charge per each job and many regular domestic blockages can be fixed quickly and affordably with jet water blasting. Some larger and bigger blocked drain problems may require excavation and installing new pipes

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