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New Hot Water System Installations in Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

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Hot Water Installers in Newcastle

If you’re in Newcastle or Lake Macquarie and are looking for a new hot water installation, you should call the experts at CDL for a free quote. We are fully qualified and insured gas plumbers with over 15 years of experience in domestic and commercial hot water installations.

CDL will advise on the best system for your situation and quote accordingly. We always aim to meet our deadlines and budgets when installing new hot water systems as we know how important they are for homes and businesses.

You should always only use fully licensed gas hot water engineers as it is a legal requirement to do so, so why not use the best? Choose CDL Plumbing and Gas for your new hot water installation.

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CDL Supply and Install Australia’s Leading Hot Water Systems

At CDL we value our reputation, so we don’t tie ourselves to one specific manufacturer or use cheap or illegal units to make a quick profit as our reputation doesn’t allow it. We have been in business for more than 15 years and we learnt from day one that there is a reason why people choose leading brands - reliability. This isn’t the only factor; they might not always be the cheapest, but they will certainly be the most efficient, saving you money on running costs and maintenance in the long run.

CDL can supply and install these leading hot water system brands:

  • Rheem
  • Rinnai
  • Bosch
  • Dux
  • Beasley
  • AquaMAX
  • Solahart

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We fix blocked drains, toilets, backing up, overflowing pipes, overflowing yard sinks and gurgling noises from plumbing fixtures.

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Hot Water

We work with Solar, Electric & Gas heated systems - we make system repairs, installations, replacements and offer expert general servicing.

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Plumbing maintenance will ensure your plumbing continues to operate smoothly. We've got your water pressure and dripping taps sorted.

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New home & Renovations

Pre slab drainage, external drainage, stormwater drainage, water rough-in, gas rough-in, down piping, fit off, and final sign off on renos.

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Why Choose CDL as Your Hot Water Installation Providers

There are many reasons why people already choose CDL for their hot water installations but the quality of our work and our commitment to service are part of it. We have an excellent and growing reputation as Newcastle’s leading plumbers and gas fitters for both residential and commercial clients.

We are affordable, professional, friendly and reliable. We complete all installations on time and within budget. Here are some more reasons, in case you were in any doubt that CDL are the leading hot water installation plumbers in Newcastle:

  • 15 Years Experience
  • High-Quality Workmanship
  • Reliable and Punctual
  • Local Expertise of Newcastle & Lake Macquarie
  • Fully Insured ($20M Public Liability)
  • Fully Qualified Level 4 Plumbers
  • Customer Friendly
  • Free No Obligation Quotes
  • Fantastic Reputation

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Replacement Electric Hot Water Systems

Eventually, your whole hot water system may need replacing. This will mainly be due to age and performance. Modern units will also be much more energy efficient plus if you are sticking with the same type (electric) then a replacement or upgrade isn’t as expensive as switching.

Electric systems are the cheapest to install and also have the longest lifespans so are a good option if you already have an electric hot water boiler in your home or business. CDL is able to supply all leading brands and can help you to find the best system for your home or business based on your needs.

We can take away the old one and usually have a new one installed within a few hours as electric systems are easier to install than gas, especially when there has been a previous system already in place.

Electric Hot Water System Upgrades

Sometimes your existing system is working fine but just can’t cope with increased demands by a growing family, more staff or a home extension placing greater needs that outstrip the power and performance of your existing system. Booster systems can be added or a replacement boiler unit can be installed to upgrade your hot water capabilities. Call CDL to get an obligation-free quote and some advice on pricing and  how best to upgrade your existing electric hot water system.

Signs your Existing Electric Hot Water System Needs Upgrading Or Replacing

  • Age - Any system over 10 years old and especially 15 or more should really be replaced. Their performance will have dropped (costing you money) and newer systems are far more energy efficient so cheaper to run.
  • Discoloured Water - Sediment and rust can build up inside the tank and this is very difficult to fix. Sediment can be drained but rust isn’t fixable. The cost of this repair work is usually outweighed by a replacement unit.
  • Leaks - Water leaks can come from various sources and are usually a bad sign. Leaks will also cause damage to your home and possibly electrical systems so this should be checked out by one of CDL’s qualified engineers asap.
  • Varying Temperatures - Inconsistent temperatures is a common sign that your electric hot water system is slowly dying. If it isn’t very old it can likely be repaired or may just require a simple service, but if it’s old, again, it might be time for a new one

CDL will help you choose the perfect replacement electric hot water system based on your needs, budget and property, just give us a call to schedule a free no obligation consultation.


How much does an electric hot water system cost?

Electric hot water systems are cheaper to buy and install than gas or solar, prices can start from as little as $300 up to $1500 but don’t worry as CDL will be giving you an accurate quote on the system that best fits your needs

Is an electric hot water system cheaper to run than a gas one?

No. Gas is more efficient for its cost, especially as electric energy prices have risen dramatically (although gas is rising quicker) but they are less costly from the outset. Also, they last longer and generally require less maintenance

Which is better gas or electric hot water system?

There is no definitive answer to this, but here are the major differences and factors that should be considered.

• Gas hot water systems are more eco-friendly
• Gas hot water systems are more energy efficient to run
• Electric systems are generally cheaper at the outset
• Electric systems have a longer average lifespan by about 5 - 7 years
• Electric systems store hot water in tanks (and can have boosters) but most gas systems are continuous flow

How long does an electric hot water system last?

Averagely 10 - 15 years. This is obviously affected by the brand, its usage and how well it’s been maintained. Electric hot water systems have the longest lifespan with the cheapest maintenance

When should you replace your electric hot water system?

Lifespans (as we have seen above) are averagely 10 - 15 years but you may need a replacement hot water boiler or controller timer sooner than that. The only real way to know is to have an expert like one of CDL’s hot water plumbers inspect it. Depending on its use, brand, and how well it’s been maintained will all have an effect on its lifespan. See above for signs that your electric hot water system needs replacing or upgrading

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CDL Plumbing & Drainage are expert plumbers and gas fitters servicing Newcastle & Lake Macquarie from our Gateshead HQ. We have over 15 years of experience and specialise in all domestic and commercial plumbing, able to take on large-scale drainage projects. Fully qualified (Level 4), licensed & insured with free quotes. We have 2 teams of friendly and reliable plumbers with fully equipped vans.

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