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Rheem 250L Electric Hot Water Heater - Price Installed in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle

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CDL supplies and installs the Rheem range, designed and manufactured in Australia the Rheem 250L Electric Water Heater is the ideal replacement for your old electric model.

Rheem Electric 250L SE 491250 1200px

You’ll Be Right With Rheem

Rheem hot water systems have been trusted for generations...... right back to 1939. Travelling through the years, the common thread that’s built this trust is our level of innovation and invention: we don’t just make water heaters that work – we make them work superbly.

Whether it’s the unmatched recovery rate of our gas storage water heaters, or the robust materials keeping our electric water heaters working year after year, it’s the quality of our design and manufacture that underpins our promise to Australian families: Hot water that comes on steady, hot and strong. Install a Rheem.

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Rheem 250L Electric Water Heater Price:

BrandModelCapacityInstallation (inc GST)
Rheem250L - MODEL NO: 491250250 litres$1764

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Rheem Electric 250L SE 491250 1200px

Features Of The Rheem 250L

  • Easy Like for Like replacement - common footprint and fitting locations to older model electric water heaters ensures an easy changeover
  • Dual handed fittings - provides installation flexibility
  • Rheem Ultranamel® is a tough and durable coating that protects the cylinder.
  • Thicker sacrificial anode - provides additional protection for cylinder against water borne contaminants
  • Suitable for connection to lower cost tariffs - resulting in lower running costs
  • Twin Element model available - click here
  • Manufactured in Australia

Features & Benefits

  • Easy Retrofit
  • Dual handed inlet and outlet fittings • Exclusive Rheem Ultranamel®
  • Thicker sacrificial anode
  • Twin element model - 492250
  • Australian made
  • 12 year cylinder warranty1

Reasons To Get The Rheem 250L Installed by CDL:

  • Expert Installation - Inside or outside, CDL’s pricing is extremely competitive, but you will be getting one of the best plumbing companies with the most experience in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas ensuring a swift and seamless installation no matter what hot water system you had previously or at all.
  • Large Hot Water Delivery - There are multiple options in the Rheem Electric Hot Water System range, including sizing and shape options. CDL will choose the perfect model for your situation with you ensuring complete satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive Warranties - Most of Rheem’s range of Vitreous Enamel water heaters come with a 12-year warranty. Just talk to us for more info or take a look here

Rheem 250L Warranty:

  • 12 Years on cylinder*
  • 1 Year labour warranty on the cylinder*
  • 1 Year parts & labour*
Rheem Electric 250L SE 491250 1200px

Rheem 250L Specifications:

Hot Water Delivery (L)250
kW Rating1.8, 3.6, 4.8
Relief Valve Pressure (kPa)1000
Expansion Control Valve (kPa)850
Max Water Supply Pressure:
with ECV (kPa)680
without ECV (kPa)800
Water ConnectionsRp 3/4
Approx. Weight (packaged) kg82


How many people is it rated for?

The Rheem 250L is perfect for up to 8 people

How long does it take for a replacement hot water heater to be installed?

Usually around 1 working day or less. CDL has a lot of expertise when it comes to all hot water systems so we will usually give you a guide to installation times based on your individual circumstances from our inspection. Factors like access (whether inside or outside ) are usually the only things that will affect the installation time

What is the lifespan?

Averagely a hot water heater like the Rheem 250L will last anywhere between 10 - 15 years

What is the warranty period?

Most of Rheem’s range of hot water heaters come with a 12-year warranty. Just talk to us for more info or take a look here

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