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Jet Water Blasting (Hydro-Jetting) to Unblock Drains

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High-pressure jet water blasting for drains is an effective and affordable solution to many blocked drain problems. Not all plumbers have this equipment and can unblock your drains as quickly as CDL Plumbing and Drainage. As drainage experts, our teams are equipped with all the technology and experience to flush out blockages in your drains and sewers.

First, we will diagnose where the blockage is by using CCTC cameras and thermal imaging. If the pipe isn’t damaged or collapsed completely then we will often use high-pressure jet water blasting (hydro jetting) to flush out the pipes. We’ll then repair the pipes if necessary but most domestic blockages are the result of build-ups rather than completely damaged pipes

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Drain Unblocking

Jet water blasting is an effective technique for many common drain, sewer and pipe blockages. With skill and knowing what is causing the blockage and where it is, it can be very quick and effective. It’s also cost-effective and eco-friendly which is why it’s such a commonly used tool.

Drain Cleaning

Jet water blasting is also perfect for plumbing maintenance. It can help prevent blockages by having your drains cleaned as part of a yearly plumbing maintenance program. Perfect for businesses or body corporate who have had issues with blockages in the past, it can help prevent a full-scale emergency or health hazard which will disrupt your business or home greatly.

Drain Cleaning Hydro Jett

Water Jetter vs Electric Eel (Drain Snake)

These two tools aren’t quite the same., they vary slightly in how they operate and what they are best for. Professional plumbers that specialise in drain unblocking and all drainage issues like CDL will have both and know which one to use for which situation.

The eel is more mechanical and has less power and pressure because of it. Generally, a water jetter is used more commonly but it’s important to have both, but the jetter is also very fast meaning a lower plumbing bill. The water jetter will clear the pipe whereas the eel won’t. The eel will break up the blockage but leave the debris behind that will eventually dissipate.

For any water jetting, hydro jetting or jet water blasting for your drains in Newcastle or Lake Macquarie, just give CDL a call for fast and effective drain unblocking services.

  • Grease, Cooking Oils & Fat
  • Tissues & Paper Towels
  • Sanitary Items
  • Hair & Fibres
  • Food Waste
  • Foreign Objects (like toys dropped accidentally into toilets etc)
  • Storm Water (as it carries sand, earth and grit)
  • Wet Wipes
  • Tree & Plant Roots

A combination of the above is usually what will be blocking your pipe or drain and is the main reason why most domestic products or techniques to unblock your drain don’t always work but experienced plumbers like CDL can unblock most household drains and pipes very quickly and effectively.

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Does jet water blasting unblock a drain?

Yes, high-pressure jet water blasting is highly effective at clearing out blockages from drains and sewer pipes. Regular jetting or hydro-jetting can prevent build-up in older drains and pipes too

Is jet water blasting the same as hydro jetting?

Yes, these terms are effectively the same thing. Drainage plumbers like CDL have larger more industrial jet water machines the tase you would use to clean your drive or patio but the principle is the same. In a pipe, the force is effectively increased by it being contained in the pipe which is why it is such an effective treatment to unblock your drain quickly and effectively

Do you always use jet water to unblock drains?

No, there are various different methods depending on the cause and location which we always check first. Jest water is always the quickest and most affordable though and it is the most common solution to most domestic blocked drains

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