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Aquatech Rapid X6 Heat Pump Installation & Price Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

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aquatech RAPID X6

Performance-driven compact heat pump with storage and heating capacity for the largest homes. Make the switch to high-efficiency affordable hot water.

CDL Plumbing & Drainage are proud to recommend, supply and install the latest generation of energy-efficient heat pumps like the Aquatech Rapid/X6.

The RAPID/X6 is a single-model solution with storage and heating capacity to meet large hot water demands in a compact design that is practical & efficient to install in smaller homes 

With a unique quick recovery design, the RAPID/X6 heats more frequently and faster to deliver a reliable hot water source when you need it the most.

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Aquatech Rapid/X6 Price:

BrandModelCapacityPrice (inc GST)Installation (inc GST)
AquatechRapid/X6210 litres$2258$660

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Rapid/X6 Features:

    350% efficiency rating reduces annual running costs
    Save thousands off the cost of a new system
    Provides enough hot water for 6 people
    Five heating modes to match hot water demands.
    Integrated timers to synch with home Solar PV
    Full metal corrosion resistive exterior no cheap plastics
    Backed by Aquatech for peace of mind

Benefit From A Lifetime Of Energy Savings With An Aquatech Rapid/X6 Heat Pump

With the RAPID/X6 for your home, rising energy costs translate into substantial savings. Considering that each RAPID/X6 is engineered to provide a minimum of 10 years of reliable service or more, these cumulative savings become even more significant.

So, opt for a smarter decision and have a RAPID/X6 installed today. We assure you that you'll amass substantial savings, amounting to thousands of dollars over the system's lifetime, as opposed to a conventional electric or gas hot water system.

Reasons To get the Rapid/X6 Installed by CDL:

  • Large capacity to provide enough hot water for your whole family
  • Quick recovery setup, to deliver hot water when you need it most
  • Affordable to purchase & install, cuts power bills & saves you money
  • Great for the environment & helps fight global warming
  • Clean aesthetics, compact design & modern colour scheme to complement your home
  • Eligible for State & Federal government rebates so you pay less
  • Independently tested in Australia, for reliability and performance
  • Designed by Australians for Australia’s unique climate & weather conditions
  • Built to last with warranties & service you can trust

Aqutech Rapid/X6 Warranty

The RAPID/X6 is supported by a Five Year Replacement Warranty, covering the tank, electronics, and refrigeration. Should any components experience an unrepairable failure we will supply a new system free of charge within the warranty period.

CDL is also very fluent with the operation and we prioritise customer satisfaction, so will make sure you understand how to operate your new heat pump once it’s been installed.

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Aquatech Rapid/X6 Specifications:

Electricity Supply220-240 V/50-60 Hz
Circuit10 Amp/Single Phase
Power ConnectionHardwired/Isolated
Tariff ConnectionContinuous/Shoulder/TOU
Compressor Rating700-900 W
Element Rating1800 W
Protection ClassIPX4
RefrigerantR290 (350g)
Tank MaterialVitreous Enamel
Tank Storage Capacity210L
Condensate Connection1/2”Elbow (supplied)
Water Connections3/4”G
PTR Rating850 kPa (supplied)
ECV Rating700 kPa (suggested)
Pressure Reduction Valve500 kPa (max.)
Tempering ValveHigh Performance (suggested)
System Weight108 kg
System Dimensions620 mm x 1582 mm
Packed Weight125 kg
Packed Dimensions700 mm x 700 mm x 1750 mm
Minimum Base Size600 mm x 600 mm
Operating ModesEco, Standard, Hybrid, Hybrid+
Max. Temp. Heat pump60°C
Max Temp. Element70°C
Tank Recovery (heat pump)223 minutes*
COP (heat pump)4.25*
Heating capacity (heat pump)2.65kW*

*210L with 40°C water temperature rise at 19°C air temperature 


What is the installation cost of a heat pump?

CDL have a very competitive fixed price cost of just $660 (inc GST)

Am I eligible for a govt rebate?

Yes. Aquatech systems are eligible for federal STC rebates as well as other state incentives Australia wide

How long will it last for continuous showering?

The Rapid/X6 will last for 40 minutes continuous showering at full heat based on a standard 9l per minute shower head and 15°C cold water temperature

What is the recovery period?

Even if you use all the available hot water, the RAPID/X6 high heating capacity can recover the full tank back to 45°C shower temperature in under three hours, on a mild day

How many people is it rated for?

The RAPID/X6 has been rated Large Load capable to Australian Standard AS/NZS 4234. That's enough hot water capacity for a six-person home

How long does it take for a heat pump to be installed?

Usually around 1 working day or less. CDL has a lot of expertise when it comes to heat pumps so we will usually give you a guide to installation times based on your individual circumstances from our inspection. Factors like access are usually the only things that will affect the installation time

How much money can I save per year?

With the Auquatech Rapid/X6 expect to save around $800 per year on average, meaning it can pay for itself in just a few years

What is the lifespan?

Averagely a heat pump like the Rapid/X6 will last anywhere between 10 - 15 years

What is the warranty period?

Aquatech provides a 5-year replacement warranty for the Rapid/X6 meaning you have no worries about reliability

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