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Leaking Toilets Repaired & Replaced in Lake Macquarie & Newcastle

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Toilet Replecement

If you have a blocked, faulty or leaking toilet, it can be a huge inconvenience if it’s the only toilet on your property. Most toilet repairs are fairly straightforward and we can do them on the spot anywhere in the Newcastle or Lake Macquarie areas.

A faulty or leaking toilet can bring your home or business to a standstill very quickly and CDL can respond to these types of mini emergencies quickly and effectively completing most toilet repairs there and then.

If your toilet is constantly draining water into the bowl or out of the overflow this will increase your water bills so it’s always best to call qualified plumbers asap. Our toilet plumbers have all the experience necessary to diagnose and fix your toilet problems quickly with minimal cost and fuss.

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Leaking Toilets Fixed

If the main toilet bowl is leaking it can be a cracked bowl or the main water inlet seal or the sewage outflow pipe seal. if your bowl needs replacing then we will advise on the best solution and can provide a temporary fix until a new toilet is installed. If it’s the cistern then this can cause water damage but repairs are likely to be quick ad easy if it’s easily accessible.

If your toilet is blocked then it could be the sewer outflow or drain causing it to back up, or possibly a local blockage in the toilet itself, either way, we will fix the issue quickly allowing you to regain normality in your home or business.

If the toilet itself is faulty and won’t flush, for example, it can be a number of things and can carry out a lot of repairs with no parts required. If parts are needed then we carry quality parts in our vehicles and can have you back up and running in no time.

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Why Choose CDL Plumbing & Drainage?

There are a good many reasons why people choose us. We are full-service plumbers with a no job too big or too small mentality. We also cover industrial, commercial and residential plumbing, gas and drainage. But most of all it’s the quality of our work and our affordability.

  • 15 Years Experience
  • High-Quality Workmanship
  • Reliable and Punctual
  • Local Expertise of Newcastle & Lake Macquarie
  • Fully Insured ($20M Public Liability)
  • Fully Qualified Level 4 Plumbers
  • Customer Friendly
  • Free No Obligation Quotes
  • Fantastic Reputation

Most of our work comes from referrals which can only happen if we are good at what we do. Our reputation is important to us and our reputation speaks for itself, so for any plumbing, gas or drainage, call CDL.

Our Toilet Services

  • Toilet Repairs
  • Toilet Replacements
  • Water Saving Toilet Upgrades
  • Unblocking Toilets

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What are the most common toilet issues?

•      Toilet bowl slow to drain
•      Trickling water from the tank
•      Leaking seals
•      Water constantly tackling into the bowl
•      Flush not working

Is a leaking toilet an emergency?

It can be if you only have one toilet in your property but it depends on the severity of the problem. We attend to most toilet problems quickly as we understand how inconvenient they are and can repair most issues on the spot

Why do toilets leak?

As toilets age and they perhaps aren’t fixed to the floor as well as they once were, pipes can start to move and seals get broken but our plumbers can fix all these problems

Do I need a new toilet replacement if mine is faulty?

Not always. We will only know once we have seen the problem. Toilets can last a lifetime if correctly installed, most toilet problems we encounter don’t require a toilet replacement installed unless there’s actual damage to the bowl itself or the cistern

Can you upgrade my toilet to a water saving one?

Yes, we can upgrade the cisterns parts to use dual water-saving flush kits which can have better flush controls, 2 flushes and save water and money without changing the whole toilet

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CDL Plumbing & Drainage are expert plumbers and gas fitters servicing Newcastle & Lake Macquarie from our Gateshead HQ. We have over 15 years of experience and specialise in all domestic and commercial plumbing, able to take on large-scale drainage projects. Fully qualified (Level 4), licensed & insured with free quotes. We have 2 teams of friendly and reliable plumbers with fully equipped vans.

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