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Looking for the most qualified backflow prevention in Newcastle? You’ve come to the right place. The expert backflow team at CDL are here to help. We are the leading providers of backflow prevention Newcastle locals trust. We train our team to service the backflow plumbing system of residential and commercial properties. Protect the water quality for yourself and other Newcastle residents by ensuring your backflow plumbing system is in top condition.

We’re passionate about providing backflow prevention services because it keeps our community safe. Backflow services prevent contaminated water from flowing into the water supply of the wider community. If your plumbing system connects to the local water mains, you should consider backflow testing Newcastle services. Our team are equipped with the knowledge, tools and expertise to help with issues caused by back pressure or back siphonage issues.

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Expert Backflow Plumbing in Newcastle

Backflow prevention devices are vital in our local municipalities in reducing the risk of contaminating local water supplies. From serious backflow issues that threaten to contaminate local water sources to local council commissioned testing of backflow prevention devices, there’s not a job our backflow prevention Newcastle team aren’t qualified to handle. Our team are accredited with backflow prevention licenses, so you can be confident you’re working with the experts.

Whether you are attempting to manage backflow issues in a mechanic workshop, household, restaurant, car wash or recreational reserve, CDL can help. Our backflow specialist will be on-site before you know it to scope out the task and discuss a resolution with you. If you have an emergency backflow situation, our helpful team will be there to answer your call no matter where you are in the Newcastle region or what time it is.

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CDL Plumbing Can Help

Are you ready to resolve your backflow plumbing issues and invest in backflow prevention? CDL is here to help. Only accredited backflow plumbers can inspect, commission and test medium and high hazard backflow devices. Similarly, backflow testing Newcastle also requires a licenced professional to help. Our backflow team install, test and maintain all backflow devices for commercial and residential properties across Newcastle.

At CDL, we value honesty and integrity in our work. That means fair, upfront pricing and efficient, lasting solutions for backflow issues. Whether the cause of the backflow issues are pressure or siphonage problems, we will work with you to achieve a resolution and outline preventative measures once we’ve resolved it.

CDL provides backflow prevention Newcastle locals trust. With over 15 years in the business, we’re confident we can handle any backflow issues. If you require installation or need to book your annual backflow testing Newcastle service, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Backflow Prevention FAQ

Why Do I Need to Hire a Plumber for Backflow Testing Newcastle?

If you’re experiencing backflow issues on a commercial or residential property in Newcastle, call in the experts. New South Wales authorities require a licence to inspect, commission and test medium and high hazard backflow devices and conduct backflow testing. Backflow problems are a serious matter that can pose a severe health and safety hazard to the broader community if left unresolved. At CDL, we have a team of qualified backflow plumbers with up-to-date licences, adequate training and several years of experience working with backflow issues. Don’t try to DIY this one – leave it to the experts at CDL.

What Causes Backflow Plumbing Issues?

Backflow issues are the result of an unguarded cross-connection between two pipelines. Backflow can cause contaminated water to flow into the water source of the wider community. Therefore, we take backflow plumbing seriously. There are two ways in which backflow can occur; through back pressure and siphonage. Back pressure results from downstream water increasing in pressure above the system pressure, which causes the water to flow in reverse. Back siphonage refers to an increase in pressure at any given source, which is greater than the pressure within the pipe network and causes reverse flow. Common causes of back siphonage include breaks in the water main or a stoppage in water flow due to firefighter works.

Do I Need Backflow Testing Newcastle Services?

Backflow testing is often a regulatory maintenance service required by local municipalities. Most residents or commercial property owners will receive a letter in the mail at some point that outlines backflow testing requirements for your property. If you are the owner or property manager of any of the following types of premises, you will likely need to organise backflow testing:

• Large apartment buildings

• Recreational areas such as public swimming pools and sporting ovals

• Chemical plants

• Cafes and restaurants

• Medical facilities such as hospitals and veterinary clinics

• Caravan park, motel or other accommodation

• Shopping centres

• Mechanic workshops

• Car washes

• Laundries and dry cleaners

Backflow is a crucial element of plumbing that requires expertise and the service of someone you trust. At CDL, we guarantee a qualified backflow plumber for reliable, efficient and safe system testing.

How Will CDL Fix My Backflow Issues in Newcastle?

Every backflow system is unique in its problem, symptoms, and appropriate solutions. At CDL, we rely on our wealth of experience and training to assess your backflow problem and determine the most appropriate solution. We utilise one of the following elements to stop the backflow of contaminated water:

1. Valve

2. Air gap

3. Break tank

Although it may sound simple, backflow services require legally accredited professionals who specialise in backflow work. When CDL come out to provide expert services, we’ll make sure we are as quick, efficient and effective as possible. We will fix the backflow network problem whilst promising a timely and friendly experience every time. Once we have fixed the problem, you can rest assured you have a long-term solution for your backflow issues.

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