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If you have dirty already used water flowing back into your water supply then this is a serious health hazard as your potable water will be contaminated. Water from sewage, used sink water or other wastewater can flow back into your fresh water supply which you drink.

If you have discoloured water then don’t hesitate, to call CDL Plumbing and Drainage immediately and our team of expert plumbers will come and test your property for backflow issues.

We can quickly diagnose if you have a problem, where it is coming from and fit the right devices to prevent it from happening again, leaving your water supply fresh and safe again.

In some areas, you are legally required by your local water suppliers to have them fitted for the safety of the shared mains supply so give CDL a call for a backflow inspection anywhere in the Lake Macquarie or Newcastle areas.

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What Causes Backflow to Happen?

Backflow most commonly happens when the water pressure changes suddenly (up for down, either back pressure or back siphonage) and drastically, allowing water to flow back against the desired direction and back into the fresh supply tank or pipes.

It can happen in other situations like a garden hose submerged in a swimming pool or underground sprinklers in low-lying areas becoming submerged in rainwater.

Backflow prevention devices are fitted to prevent this from happening, but sometimes they are not fitted at all or are installed incorrectly and sometimes they can fail.

It can also sometimes be caused by unvented heating systems.

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How Does Backflow Prevention Work?

Backflow prevention is actually quite simple, it’s usually achieved by fitting a series of valves and air gaps in the correct places in your water and waste pipes. The correct use of height and position of water tanks and pressure also contribute. Without these small valves and air gaps if the pressure changes you will suddenly be prone to backflow and contaminate your water and risk multiple health hazards to anyone drinking or using the water.

Backflow Testing

In properties where there is complicated plumbing or there have been previous backflow problems, it’s wise to have your backflow prevention tested. A quick simple test will enable us to measure whether your valves and air gaps are working optimally and if not, we can swap out the ageing or failing parts and recalibrate your supply. It’s wise to do this yearly if you have had backlog problems.

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How long does backflow testing take?

Normally only around 30 minutes but it depends on the size and complexity of the property and its water pipes

Are there risk ratings?

Yes, your property can be rated from:
Low hazard – any condition, device, or practice which constitutes a nuisance but does not endanger health or cause injuries
• Medium hazard – any condition, device, or practice which has the potential to endanger health
High hazard – any condition, device, or practice which has the potential to cause death

What happens if my backflow test fails, do I have contaminated water?

Not necessarily. You will only be susceptible to contaminated water if one of the triggers has happened. We will test your water as well as your backflow devices and recommend replacing any valves etc that are faulty or damaged etc.

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