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Aquamax 315L Electric Hot Water Heater - Price Installed (Vitreous Enamel) in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle

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CDL supplies and installs the award-winning AquaMAX high efficiency Electric Water Heaters providing your family with all the hot water you need. AquaMAX Mains Pressure Electric Water Heaters are built using the latest technology and with a cylinder warranty of up to 10 years. They are available in sizes to suit most applications. AquaMAX Electric Water Heaters are made for Aussie conditions, to suit both metro and regional areas.


Hot Water For Families Big And Small

AquaMAX Electric Mains Pressure Water Heaters provide families big and small with reliable hot water. AquaMAX in-house factory testing ensures every new system we build meets our exacting standards whether it's installed indoors or outdoors. You can also take advantage of lower-cost off-peak tariffs for added savings on your energy bills.

Built To The Highest Standards

After our cylinders have been fully welded, we apply a high-quality enamel coating to create our enamel lining. Combined with a sacrificial anode and protected by a steel casing with rounded edges, every AquaMAX Electric Water Heater is backed by a 10 or 7 year cylinder warranty.

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Aquamax 315L Electric Hot Water Heater Price:

BrandModelCapacityInstallation (inc GST)
Aquamax350L Vitreous enamel315 litres$1767

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Aquamax 250 VE

Aquamax 315L (Vitreous Enamel) Features:

  • Model: 991315G7 – (3.6 kw single element)
  • Dimensions: Height: Height: 1640mm: Width: 640mm
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Electric 315L Delivery
  • Vitreous Enamel Tank
  • 10 Year Cylinder Warranty1
  • Dual Inlets & Outlets
  • Twin Element Available
  • Internal/External Installation

Reasons To Get The Aquamax 315L Installed by CDL:

  • Expert Installation - Inside or outside, CDL’s pricing is extremely competitive, but you will be getting one of the best plumbing companies with the most experience in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas ensuring a swift and seamless installation no matter what hot water system you had previously or at all.
  • Large Hot Water Delivery - There are multiple options in the Aquamax Electric Hot Water System range, including sizing and shape options. CDL will choose the perfect model for your situation with you ensuring complete satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive Warranties - Most of Aquamax’s range of Vitreous Enamel water heaters come with a 10 year warranty. Just talk to us for more info or take a look here

Aquamax 315L (Vitreous Enamel) Warranty:

10-year warranty on the cylinder, 1-year cylinder labour warranty, 1-year warranty on parts and labour (*warranty conditions apply)


Aquamax 315L (Vitreous Enamel) Specifications:

Number of People Serviced Based on connection to continuous tariff4-6
Hot Water Delivery350 litres
Weight (empty)97 KG
Twin Element availableYes
Dual Handed availableYes
Warranty (Cylinder)7 years
Warranty (Parts & Labour)1 year
Protection RatingIP24
Watermark Licence No.WMKA00153
Electrical Safety Approval No.22405
Exceeds Minimum Energy Performance Standards by:%
Voltage (Single Phase)240 Vac
Maximum Supply Pressure
- with expansion control valve680 kPa
- without expansion control valve800 kPa
Pressure & Temp Relief Valve1000 kPa
ECV setting850 kPa
Thermostat setting (Maximum)70 oC
Hot & Cold Water ConnectionRp20 (3/4") Female


How many people is it rated for?

The Aquamax 315L has been rated for 4 - 6 people whether showering or bathing

How long does it take for a heat pump to be installed?

Usually around 1 working day or less. CDL has a lot of expertise when it comes to all hot water systems so we will usually give you a guide to installation times based on your individual circumstances from our inspection. Factors like access (whether inside or outside ) are usually the only things that will affect the installation time

What is the lifespan?

Averagely a hot water heater like the Aquamax 315L will last anywhere between 10 - 15 years

What is the warranty period?

Most of Aquamax’s range of Vitreous Enamel water heaters come with a 10 year warranty. Just talk to us for more info or take a look here

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