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NDIS Plumbers for Disabled Plumbing Modifications in Newcastle and LakeMacquarie

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Self-managed NDIS participants often require some specialised modifications to their homes for a better quality of life. Some of these are often plumbing modifications that greatly aid washing, cooking and cleaning etc. Plumbing and water facilities need to be adapted to suit the participant and to the NDIS structured plan so you will need a plumber who has experience in this like CDL who reliably serves the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie areas.

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NDIS Plumbing Modifications We Carry Out:

We can carry out almost any NDIS plumbing modifications including complex Home Modifications (CHM) but here is a brief summary of the most common types of NDIS plumbing alterations we perform alongside all our regular plumbing services:

NDIS Bathroom Modifications

Some NDIS modifications can be complicated but many are quite straightforward so they can all be split into the following categories::

  • Adaptions - Simple fittings like grab rails, mounted shower chairs, cupboard inserts etc
  • Minor - Things that will need to be done by a professional like door widening, ramps and steps etc
  • Complex - These changes will normally involve multiple contractors and involve a huge change to the property and are higher in cost

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Simple NDIS bathroom modifications can made up of the following:

  • Hand-Held Showers
  • Adapted Toilet
  • Removing Shower Screens
  • Easy-to-Use Taps
  • Non-slip Mats and Grab Rails for a Bath
  • Slip-Resistant Surfaces and Treatments
  • Adjustment of the Benchtop Heights
  • Moving Light Switches and Power-Points for Easy Reach

CDL Plumbing can supply and install the above according to NDIS guidelines so just give us a call for more information.

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Blocked drains

We fix blocked drains, toilets, backing up, overflowing pipes, overflowing yard sinks and gurgling noises from plumbing fixtures.

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Hot Water

We work with Solar, Electric & Gas heated systems - we make system repairs, installations, replacements and offer expert general servicing.

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Plumbing maintenance will ensure your plumbing continues to operate smoothly. We've got your water pressure and dripping taps sorted.

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New home & Renovations

Pre slab drainage, external drainage, stormwater drainage, water rough-in, gas rough-in, down piping, fit off, and final sign off on renos.

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Drainage & Excavation

We can safely inspect, diagnose and service all drainage, excavation, stormwater, sewer and downpipe flooding problems.

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Blocked Drains Jetting

NDIS Kitchen Modifications

Many kitchen modifications are the same as bathroom ones like installing easy-to-use taps or changing the height of benchtops. If the whole layout needs changing then this will be a CHM and will require a visit and a free quote from CDL.

Blocked Drains

Having blocked drains is an inconvenience for anyone at the best of times but certainly worse for an NDIS participant who may be less likely to be able to unblock the drain themselves. CDL are expert drainage plumbers so please call us for any blocked drains issues you have.

NDIS Hot Water Plumbing Modifications

Sometimes you may need a new type of hot water system installed or some modifications or repairs to your existing one. Whatever type of hot water system you have (electric, gas, solar or heat pump) CDL are qualified and experienced to install it or repair it.

NDIS Hot Water Plumbing Modifications

Reliability, good reputation and being fully certified and experienced in the type of work you need carried out. As a full-service plumbing company (meaning we work with domestic and commercial customers) that is also gas-certified and registered, we have extensive experience in all domestic bathroom and kitchen renovations and modifications.

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Are you a registered NDIS provider?

We are currently in the registration process which takes some time, but we strictly adhere to the NDIS guidelines that can be found here and you may hire anyone to carry out your NDIS plumbing requirements. We have a great reputation and are highly experienced

What are NDIS plumbing modifications?

These are modifications or changes that need to be made to the main places where plumbing exists in the home of an NDIS participant. Sometimes these can be simple support aids to assist access to toilets or showers etc., but sometimes they may be a series of quite specific and complex (CHM - Complex Home Modifications) requirements as specified in your NDIS plan that change the location of items like sinks or baths etc which require more extensive plumbing work. There are strict codes and guidelines that we meet that can be seen here

Can I only use a registered NDIS provider?

No. Self-managed NDIS participants can use any local service provider they like. What helps is that the plumber you use has an awareness of and adherence to NDIS guidelines (see above) and is experienced with these types of plumbing modifications as CDL is. Some modifications on your plan can be Complex Home Modifications (CHM) so should only be undertaken by qualified, reliable and experienced plumbers

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CDL Plumbing & Drainage are expert plumbers and gas fitters servicing Newcastle & Lake Macquarie from our Gateshead HQ. We have over 15 years of experience and specialise in all domestic and commercial plumbing, able to take on large-scale drainage projects. Fully qualified (Level 4), licensed & insured with free quotes. We have 2 teams of friendly and reliable plumbers with fully equipped vans.

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